What you’ll need before you get brewing:
  • A good burr grinder. Burr grinders will produce a more consistent grind than blade grinders.
  • Scale. A great tool to produce a more consistent cup of coffee.
  • Filtered water. This will produce the best results for your brew.
  • Delicious whole bean coffee.
Produces a clean sweet cup of coffee for two

Coffee Weight: 56g
Weight: 700g
Brew Time: 2:30 minutes
Grind: Medium Fine

  • Heat water to 200-202F
  • Rinse paper filter, and discard water from rinse
  • Add 56g grounds coffee to filter
  • Add 100g of water fully saturating grounds to create a “bloom”
  • At 45 seconds, start pouring water in the center of grounds in small circular motion
  • Keep slow consistent stream of water on grounds till target weight of 700g is achieved
  • Gently swirl Chemex and serve
Produces a full bodied cup with rich sweetness

Coffee Weight: 62g
Weight: 850g
Brew Time: 3-4 minutes
Grind: Coarse

  • Heat water to 200-202F
  • Grind coffee and put into French Press
  • Pour suggested amount of water over grounds creating “bloom”
  • Start 4 minute timer
  • 1 minute into brew gently stir grounds so they are fully saturated
  • Place lid on top of French Press and submerge filter slightly below the water surface
  • After 4 minute timer ends, plunge the filter to the bottom of French Press and pour into your favorite mug.
Results in a sweet balanced cup

Coffee Weight: 24g Water
Weight: 350g
Brew Time: 2:30-3 minutes
Grind: Medium Fine

  • Heat water to 200-202F
  • Rinse paper filter carefully, keeping its shape
  • Add 24g freshly ground coffee
  • Add 50g of water fully saturating grounds to create a “bloom”
  • At 45 seconds slowly add water till target water weight is achieved
  • Sip & enjoy!
Provides a clean cup full of flavor

Coffee Weight: 17g
Weight: 200g
Brew Time: 1:30 minutes
Grind: Fine

  • Heat water to 200-202F
  • Place filter into brewing chamber, place aero press on top of mug
  • Rinse filter with hot water, discard of rinse water
  • Add 17g of freshly ground coffee on top of filter
  • Gently pour 200g of water on top of grounds
  • Use a spoon to gently incorporate grounds and water
  • Place plunger into chamber, push in and slowly lift up to create a vacuum
  • At 1 minute plunge for 20-30 seconds to hit brew time of 1:30
  • Swirl and enjoy!
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